I engaged CADEC to assist in prototyping two different product concepts. The first product was based on bioinspired “organic” structures for interior design. CADEC  converted existing drawings to realistic CAD representations of real natural structures and organised 3D prints to be made in a number of different materials. Conversion of natural surfaces into realistic 3D models is non-trivial and I found CADEC expertise second to none in being able to capture organic structure and convert to a realistic physical prototype.

The second project focused to prototyping individual microfluidic components for testing and evaluation. In this case accurate geometry was a necessary requirement of individual and combined components. CADEC took concept drawings and models into CAD from which 3D components were printed in different materials.  These were successfully tested for microfluidic functionality.

CADEC demonstrated a high level of understanding of complex multidisciplinary projects and I would recommend to those looking to test concepts, investigate 3D printing options including materials options, or prepare complex CAD model.

I reached out to CADEC as they were a locally based firm that specialised in my required field. I wanted some artistic designs translated into 3D prototypes for potential bronze casting, the service I received was prompt, friendly and professional.

Would recommend to all!

I have been fortunate to secure the services of CADEC for technical Engineering projects primarily in the Automotive and latterly the Nuclear sectors.

Alex is a highly capable Engineer who is able to balance commercial business needs with technical product requirements in extremely challenging environments. He is able to operate effectively with people throughout organisations spanning senior leaders to production operatives.

Output is always of the highest standard and efforts to deliver are tireless and show very high degrees of flexibility. The integration of CADEC as part of project IPT’s is swift, efficient and seamless.

Alex is one of the most capable Engineers myself and my teams have had the pleasure to work along side and I strongly provide personal recommendation without hesitation for CADEC.

I have been working with CADEC to turn my concept for a portable folding toast rack into production. From the early concept stages I have been impressed by their ingenuity and willingness to try several parallel approaches.

Having selected the design which best met the original concept brief they produced 3D prints and continued to refine the design so that it could be easily manufactured.

CADEC also helped in the selection of tool makers and injection moulders to produce cost effective prototypes so that we now have a marketable product.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a design engineering consultancy to both budding entrepreneurs or more seasoned manufacturers looking for creative solutions to their engineering issues.

Alex worked at Eminox in support of an industrialisation development project with a major European OEM.

During this time Alex provided key inputs to the design challenge whilst demonstrating excellent understanding of the objective, along with enviable CAD skills.

A highly skilled individual that would be welcomed back.