Project Brief
Working with a local young student, CADEC helped to provide a 3D Print for a ‘Rocket’ Car.

Project Actions

  1. Using sketches of a design provided by the student, (we were not allowed to give any technical input) a 3D CAD model was created.
  2. An STL files was created in order that a 3D print could be produced.
  3. 3D print then handed over to the student for him to assemble the remaining componets he had designed and sourced.

An interesting and fun project that CADEC were very pleased to be involved in, helping young budding engineers is always a pleasure.

The full brief of the student project was to design and build a firework powered car/vehicle using different technologies to design and manufacture. The competition was to see which of the cars travelled the furtherst.

In this case a 3D print was used as the student had an interest in this area.