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Stratasys uPrint SE Plus

As a company we source a large number of prototype parts during the development phases of our projects and depending on the product and application this will influence the prototype route that we choose.

We predominantly use SLS/SLA models or sheet metal welded fabrications for our prototypes and we have a large network of trusted and reliable contacts/suppliers who we use on a regular basis.

Due to our interest in the advancement of Home 3D Printing Technology, we decided to purchase our own printers in order to test the capability for ourselves and to investigate whether we would be able to use it as part of our development processes.

We have found our machine to be great fun to work with and perfect for making strong simple concept parts, rough prototypes, one off technical product samples and display items.

Since we have spare capacity on our machines, we decided to offer a small scale bureau service to support the local area.

Since launching our own small bureau service we have predominantly produced low cost parts for artists, students, hobbyists or home designers looking for quick turnaround samples which can be used for visualisation, concept development or sometimes as test samples prior to ordering expensive SLS/SLA or sheet metal prototypes.

The printers that we have onsite in our North Yorkshire offices are and UP! Plus 2 and a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus.

In addition to our onsite 3D printers, we are also able to support if there is a specific printer/filament that you would like you part printing on.

We have a number of contacts who we collaborate with on a regular basis and so here at CADEC Limited we have access to a wide range of the most popular and most reliable home 3D printers and the larger industrial printers currently on the market.

This means that we are able to choose the best printer and materials for the job and budget and are not just restricted to one or two printers. Understanding what the final model is to be used for is a key factor in deciding which printer to recommend and use.

At the home 3D printer level, there are some good all round printers but not a one size fits all printer.

Although not all printers are based on site in our office in North Yorkshire we are still able to offer a quick turnaround service and can usually ship parts back to you with one or two days, this does depend though on the size of the print.

You can use our online quote tool to get an estimate of the cost, if you then send us a mail with the file and your requirements we can quickly get back to you with a final quote and real delivery time.

Having the access to and the use of wide range of printers means that we do not have to carry the cost of continually purchasing the latest 3D printers, this in turn means that we do not have to add huge overhead costs to our prints in order to achieve pay back so can keep our print costs low and good value.

Below are some of the printers that we use on a regular basis. Ultimaker 2, Makerbot Replicator 2X, Formlab 1+ and Stratasys Connex 500.

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