CADEC were initially set the challenge of producing a 3D Model and then 3D Print of a famous sports person in an action pose using a Home 3D Printer. On successfully completing this and producing a model and print of Pele (which can be seen in our Gallery). We decided to complete the process again using a non-famous model and recorded the process.

The steps were as follows :

  • A number of photos were taken of the model
  • The photos were then used to create a 3D sculpture using ZBush
  • Once complete an STL file was exported

  • The STL was then imported into pre-processing software, reviewed and repaired with custom support structure added
  • After importing the file into the 3D Printer slicing software and adjusting the temperature, layer thickness and speed etc. the gcode file was exported ready for printing
  • The model was printed on an Ultimaker 2, total print time 6hrs

Ultimaker 2

3D Printing

Overall we are really happy with result and although a study like this is completely different to the normal technical engineering projects that we undertake, we are always happy to take on a challenge!